Katana Carbon Mast

1.344,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Sperrgut Paket)

The ultimate Surf Mast!

The Progression 800 Carbon Mast is the ultimate surf mast. The stiffness has been significantly improved through an adapted mast thickness. Thanks to the stiffness, straight leading edge, and the untapered lower part of the mast, you can fly the foil much higher than usual, resulting in less resistance. With the lower 40% of the mast untapered, a consistent profile is maintained throughout, allowing for easier, more controlled, and harder turns.

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Katana Carbon Mast
1.344,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Sperrgut Paket)

To achieve higher stiffness for the Progression 800, the mast was designed slightly thicker than the Katana. However, thicker in this context does not necessarily mean slower. Thanks to the additional stiffness, straight leading edge, and the lower untapered 40% of the mast, the foil can be flown higher. This results in a much smaller wetted area of the mast, and since friction increases exponentially, this is noticeably felt in speed. The stiffness provides a much more direct feeling for heavier foilers, and even when surfing with large wings, the improved control is evident. All these factors contribute to more efficient flying and pumping. Thanks to the lower untapered part of the mast, the profile remains constant during turns, minimizing additional influence on lift due to its immersion depth. This allows for more controlled and extreme turns compared to other carbon masts.


  • Length of 800, preferred for prone foiling, winging, and downwinding
  • Straight leading edge for better flow
  • Untapered lower 40% of the mast for a consistent profile during turns
  • Redesigned baseplate with closely spaced screw holes, allowing the mast to be mounted further forward in the box
  • Tapered baseplate for reduced resistance during takeoff and touchdown

New slotted holes to accept recessed titanium screws for even more precise installation. Titanium wing nuts are optional for on-the-fly Adjustments.

Better fit with taper lock at the mast to fuselage connection. This holds the mast in place and weight is not supported by the screws alone. The result is a more secure connection with no play.

Screws sold separately

Manufacturer: Unifoil
Category: Masts
  • Progression 800 Carbon Mast
  • Padded mast cover
  • Without screws