Vyper Front Wing

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Whether you're brand new to foiling or a seasoned veteran, this stable, lightning-fast and maneuverable wing will quickly boost your performance in the waves and take your winging to the next level. It's the best of both worlds, pumping like a Hyper and carving like a Vortex.

Welcome to the future of foiling, the Vyper is here!

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Vyper Front Wing
from 470,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Paket)

The Vyper. Designed by Adam Bennetts and Clifford Coetzer in search of the ultimate all-around surf foil, the Vyper was born. A cross between the Vortex and the Hyper. Unifoil took the best features of both models. The carve and turning ability of the former Vortex and the ease of pumping and efficiency of the first Hyper.
What do you get when you mix a Hyper with a Vortex?

Handling and Performance

• The foil that outperforms all others
• Designed by Adam Bennetts & Clifford Coetzer in their quest for the ultimate all-around surf foil.
• A cross between the Vortex and the Hyper
• The carve and ease of turning of the Vortex
• The ease of pump and efficiency of the Hyper

Manufacturer: Unifoil
Category: Front Wings
  • Vyper front wing
  • Padded wing cover
  • without screws

Vyper sizing suggestion guide

Here is our size guide for the Vyper. Please note that this is a general recommendation and may vary individually depending on riding ability, area of use and body weight. Please also read our Quickstart guides under the menu item "Disciplines".

Vyper sizing guide

Vyper Größenempfehlung

Hier ist unser Größenleitfaden für den Vyper. Bitte beachte, dass dies eine allgemeine Empfehlung ist und individuell je nach Fahrkönnen, Einsatzbereich und Körpergewicht abweichen kann. Lies dazu gern auch unsere Quickstart-Guides unter dem Menupunkt „Disziplinen”.

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