Progression Front Wing

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Meet your new daily driver. He won't just boost your development: he'll put a match under it and shoot it skyward like a rocket.

High Aspect performance for pros and mere mortals.

The Progression is the first high-aspect hydrofoil that works equally well for all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate to pro. This foil is a true unicorn that has a super low stall speed with the increased glide and pumpability of a true high-aspect, while still turning like a mid-aspect surf wing.

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from 896,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Paket)

The Progression is great for all types of waves (beach breaks, hollow reef breaks, point breaks) and works equally well for winging or downwind runs.

Each size in the series was designed from the ground up, not scaled.

Handling and Performance

  • Lower stall speed = More glide time, less cardio work, less fatigue.
  • Stable Pitch Control = Compliant and intuitive feel gives you more confidence to push it.
  • Direct connection between rider and foil = More control in tip breaks, more reactive, more stable in turbulence.
  • High aspect dihedral = tighter turns.

What levels/conditions/disciplines is it suitable for?

  • For all levels of foilers.
  • In many disciplines: prone, wing, downwind, tow.
  • In perfectly shaped offshore waves and onshore Slops.
Manufacturer: Unifoil
Category: Front Wings
  • Progression front wing
  • Padded wing cover
  • without screws

Progression sizing suggestion guide

Here is our size guide for the Progression. Please note that this is a general recommendation and may vary individually depending on riding ability, area of use and body weight. Please also read our Quickstart guides under the menu item "Disciplines".

Progression sizing guide