Aluminum 2 Bolt Fuselage

168,00 €
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Aluminum fuselage for use with the new Unifoil front wings Hyper² and Progression, featuring a two-screw connection. An affordable, stiff, and durable construction designed to withstand the stresses of winging and prone foiling. Thanks to the tapered connection between the wing and fuselage, there is a clean, play-free power transmission between the individual components.

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Aluminum 2 Bolt Fuselage
168,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (Paket)

The Unifoil Aluminum Fuselage prioritizes extreme durability, which is why the fuselage is milled entirely from a single piece and treated with a high-quality black anodization. Combined with steel threaded inserts, the fuselage can withstand the stresses of riding and transfer them to the other components. Three lengths are offered for various applications and riding styles:

  • Long (39 cm): New extra-long fuselage for wingfoil racing and downwinding (not recommended for prone/surf foiling).
  • Medium (33 cm): Recommended for all riders and riding styles (all-round length).
  • Short (27 cm): Shorter length for tighter turns and shorter radii. Recommended add-on for advanced riders to loosen the foil for carves and quick directional changes and for easier pumping.

The 2-screw fuselage is recommended for the new 2-screw wings (Hyper2 and Progression).

Screws sold separately.

Manufacturer: Unifoil
Category: Fuselages